Name: Champion
Price: 8.99 USD

All Perks

  • Global broadcast saying that you supported the server.
  • Champion Prefix In-Game
  • Use color codes in chat (ie. &6)
  • $1,000 bonus In-Game money
  • 100 bonus In-Game claim blocks (ie. /claim)
  • Ability to change your nickname (ie. /nick)
  • Ability to wear a hat (ie. /hat)
  • Ability to craft virtually (ie. /craft)
  • Ability to use Silk Touch pickaxe to pickup spawners
  • Ability to set up to 4 homes (ie. /sethome)
  • Ability to check your depth (ie. /depth)
  • Ability to get kit champion every two days (ie. /kit champion)
  • Ability to access the donorshop (ie. /warp donorshop)
  • Ability to not take fall damage (ie. /jellylegs)
  • Access to Aquatic pet pack
  • Access to various particle effects
  • $ Supporter $ Role in discord.
    • Access to Donator exclusive rooms + perks.