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Thank you for your interest in helping grow our community by visiting our online store. Here you can browse and purchase all of the packages we have to offer. Detailed information about each package is displayed after clicking on the package. With your support, we are able to upgrade our server, develop better plugins, create new content, and provide new experiences for us to experience together as a community!
All payments are processed automatically through a secure third-party service ( All purchases from the store will be delivered in a maximum time of 5 minutes. If you have not received your package in-game within 5 minutes, contact a staff member and they will ensure that you get what you paid for. Purchases will first be applied to server upkeep, development, and other server-related expenses; excess funds will be treated as tips for our administration, thanks! Purchasing a package is not required to play on MCFriendly, but is greatly appreciated.


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